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I think sketching people around me in class is something I kinda miss. When we get a small break between classes when the teacher runs late; or when the subject is incredibly boring and the teacher is trying his best to keep us engaged; or when your entire gang is right there discussing so many things over that lunch break and you’re just zoning out, the scene around you is so chaotic where everybody is upto something- be it seeking a chance to get a conversation out of their crush or splitting their heads over a math sum- and no one is really aware of anyone or anything apart from the people/thing they’re addressing.

I think for a couple of seconds it all just turns to white noise and gives you break from all the thinking you’ve been doing about the things that seem so very important at the moment. All you’d see is multiple people your age going on about their lives which, on the surface, seem to be very similar to yours. But then as you begin to sketch them, you see them as whole human beings, each with a vividly unique life of their own- different problems, different celebrations, different families, different upbringings, different smiles and it will just leave you wondering: who are you?

I picked this hobby up too late, I think. I always thought it was creepy when my friends did it- sit around and draw people without them knowing. I would think, why would you do that? I don’t know when or how I picked it up but I think there is something quite calming and compelling about it.


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